Saturday, 17 March 2012


Our visit to Minsmere last Saturday was in warm, sunny weather and it really felt like the first day of Spring. The birds seemed to agree. A flock of Bearded Tits in reeds along the North Bank were ‘pinging’ to each other and flying around, and there were dozens of Divers on the sea (mainly Red-throated, but also some Black-throated and at least one Great Northern), all heading north – presumably to breeding grounds.
In the afternoon we divided our time between the Bittern and Island Mere hides. Later in the afternoon when we went back to the Bittern hide for a second visit, it certainly lived up to its name. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many in one day – or had such good views of them. Each time one appeared  a call went up and a buzz of excitement went round everyone in the hide. It made me think about how highly we value these birds these days - just to see one, whereas for centuries their only value to humans was as a food item [hence the old fashioned name of Butterbump - because the flesh was considered so tasty]. How times change!
Several birds were in flight but there were also occasions when one walked across the channel in front of the hide...

An unexpected visitor was this Red Deer hind who obviously found the water vegetation very much to her liking...

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